Latest ‘must-have’ marketing from SKS of London – exclusive special intro rates

Latest offers from SKS Media London

– “Bringing the top drawer to you, since 1999!”

As you might know, SKS is publishers representative for the below and this means we can bring you amazing rates for your marketing appearances therein which you will not find elsewhere.

Current special offers are:


Business Newspaper

China Daily Europe

China Daily Europe Edition (tabloid). 120,000 per week primary. AB1 demographic, backed by high volume business website. Read buy C-level decision makers in Europe and Asia. Website traffic 3.5 million unique per day/business. Tabloid business newspaper, run by China Daily in Beijing.

RRP: £10,000.00 per tabloid page

SKS intro rate:£2750.00

Includes mini online entry free + online edition

Media kit link


Business Magazine

Business First Magazine, City of London

Business First Magazine, City of London. Bimonthly. Glossy A4. 25,000 distribution primary in corporate reception areas throughout the City UK, sublevel floor reception areas and communal company areas throughout. Also business travel lounges, hotels and select locations. Respected for no nonsense editorial and 25 year pedigree.

RRP: £4900.00 per A4 page

SKS intro rate:£2250.00

Includes 2 month online entry

Media kit | Distribution | Demographic


Ultra High Net Worth

Elephant Lifestyle Quarterly (‘L’) from The Oil & Gas Year (TOGY)

Elephant Lifestyle Quarterly, from The Oil & Gas Year Book in 25 oil producing countries. 44,000 copies primary per edition, read by the world’s wealthiest energy tycoons, Sheikhs etc. A2 size, semi hardback.

RRP: £14,170.00.00 per A2 page

SKS intro rate:£13,000.00

Media kit | UK Pricing


High Net Worth

Millionaire Lifestyle Magazine

Millionaire Lifestyle Magazine, annual. 25,000 copies, readership AB1, new millionaires, c. 200,000, backed at niche millionaire website

RRP: £3500.00 per A4 page

SKS intro rate: £1950.00

Includes online entry (annual)

Media kit link

The Brand Magazine London. Annual, iPAD and select hard copies, readership AB1, top 5% brands, top 5% AB1 readership. By invitation only. Online media vehicle included.

POA, by invitation.


Other items – Government Research UK

UK Coalition Government Policy Timetable 2010-2015 contains more than 1200 individual policy items. Twice annually. £395.00 per report

The “UK: Medium-Term Political Outlook” is an essential background report for anyone with an interest in the political priorities of the Coalition Government in the UK. Twice annually. £395.00 per report


Other items – Video services

Full works training video 30 mins. RRP: £20,000.00. SKS intro rate: £15,000.00

Full works viral video 3-4 mins. RRP: £20,000.00. SKS intro rate: £15,000.00

Full works corporate video 5-6 mins. RRP: £13,500.00. SKS intro rate: £9,950.00


Other items – database services

Clerisy Database Consultant Timeblocks. Arrange your blue-chip database specialist onhand throughout the year. 50 hour block. RRP: £5000.00. SKS intro rate: £2500.00


SKS Bespoke

Bespoke e-campaign, any regions globally, any demographic for direct response.

Includes: SKS databases e-shots (c 1.5M global, high net worth), optional wholesale opted in email list (yours to keep), social campaigns, follow ups & optional closing. Instant sales generator!

Optional: PR campaigns to back up entry in a hard copy publication above, and response tracking.

RRP: From £5000.00. SKS intro rate: From £3000.00


** Further discounts may be available for regular appearances/partnerships. Smaller ad sizes in hard copy are also available. Please ask.

Should you wish to know more about these exciting opportunities, please do let me know and we’ll be delighted to be in touch by return.


Blog team

@ SKS Media London

T: +44 (0) 203 286 8737

SKS – “Bringing the top drawer to you, since 1999!”

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