China Daily Europe Weekly special offer – advertising/marketing

Until Nov 30th there is a special rate for your appearances in China Daily Europe.

We propose a spend is £5000.00 direct, or £6000.00 through your media planner. For this exercise we have reduced the page rate from £7500.00 to £3250.00 by way of special introduction (one per client).

The ad spend budget figure above can be used to purchase one and a half pages of ads in successive editions for repeat exposure, or more quarter pages for a lengthier campaign.

In addition, China Daily are including a free mini-banner for you at the China Daily Website European Edition section for a week (usually £5k/day, or £35k per week) so you can sample the results from this outstanding media vehicle with limited financial risk to yourselves. In other words, your £5k spend gets you a £40k package!

To book, simple request a booking form from or with your full company details, name, phone, address and email. We can even help you with the artwork if you need us to!

Best as always,
SKS Media London Team

“Bringing the top drawer to you, since 1999!”


T: Hunter group: +44 (0) 203 286 8737

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