Looking for a Yacht or Boat?


Looking for a Yacht or Boat?


Buying boats is a complex business, but with the right advice you won’t be left all at sea.

Purchasing your first yacht, or upgrading to your next one, is a significant investment decision. And while the perks of a yacht owning lifestyle are many, it is important to understand and deal with any challenges involved.

The first thing you’ll need to consider is finance. What is your budget? You need to set a budget that is realistic for both your aspirations and your pocket. Take into account buying costs and depreciation. Most people understand that once you have driven a new car off the forecourt, the vehicle becomes immediately second hand and loses value. The same principle applies to purchasing a new yacht. Although the depreciation won’t necessarily be as dramatic as with a new car, it is certainly a factor that needs to be considered.

With finance secured, then comes the second challenge – finding the yacht that works for you and your budget! The yacht market is a truly global one and you could find yourself working with buyers and sellers all over the world in what is often a fast moving environment.

Your search will also need to be informed by questions about how you intend to use your yacht. This will determine the specifics you need – everything from engine power, to space and size, to what finishes you would like to see in terms of upholstering and on-board facilities!

So, how to navigate these choppy waters and find the yacht that’s right for you?

Yacht sellers have for a long time employed agents to help them achieve the best possible price for the vendor. Increasingly, buyers are taking the same approach. You need a professional on your side. A well informed and well connected agent can save you time and uncertainty, as well as potentially saving you tens of thousands of pounds (or more) in up-front costs.

At Go Earth we support your aspirations to yacht ownership with a bespoke service that begins with answering your initial questions with a free – no obligation – consultation, through the whole process including arranging transport of your yacht to your chosen marina. Our expert team scans the market to identify the right product for you, including a wide-range of non-advertised yachts, and can provide advice on finance, surveys and basic seamanship. In particular, we can act as your negotiation agent in the all important procurement and purchase process.

So, don’t set sail until you’ve spoken to Go Earth, and ensure that your yacht investment is watertight, and gives you years of pleasure and luxury!


For more information about Go Earth and its extraordinary services visit https://www.boatsearch.earth/ . To arrange an interview or comment from Martin Berman, Director, please contact Liam Thompson at lthompson@sks-london.co.uk or on +44 (0) 20 3290 6001, or via http://sks-of-london.com .

For Go Earth sales enquiries, please register your interest here >> http://bit.ly/2kntRVq


Writing Credit: Liam Thompson, Sierra Kilo PR & Millionaire Lifestyle Magazine, Feb 17


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