The HAZZA Network ICO Token Offering



Hazza Logo (PRNewsfoto/Octo3 Foundation Limited)

“One of the most exciting ICO token offerings so far this year!”

– John Winters, Sierra Kilo Tech PR


For HNW and Sophisticated/Accredited investors only.




The HAZZA Network ICO Token Offering

  • HAZZA is an established payment platform, servicing both major credit cards and alternative payment methods for clients in Europe, Latin America, Asia, Russia and the US, seamlessly on a single network
  • Current transactions use traditional money (fiat/legal tender) and the new platform also transacts crypto currencies
  • HAZZA is migrating their existing proven payment platform to blockchain, creating a global unified payment network
  • HAZZA tokens are being created through a token sale – these tokens will allow retailers and payment providers to access the global unified payment network and pay for services
  • Currently retailers and consumers are restricted to using closed networks and the HAZZA network aims to open up more business for retailers and create greater convenience for consumers
  • Platform and tokens will be managed by a registered foundation
  • Low minimum investment entry point for investors wishing to benefit from this historic opportunity

For more information on this exclusive ICO , please visit 

Capital at risk. Please consult your IFA/adviser.

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