Are we drowning in Plastic?


The Oceans of the World are sick. Very ill indeed.

There is a place, one of five major areas where the sea currents naturally deposit plastic waste, called the Pacific Garbage Patch, which is now twice the size of France. Yes, France.

This plastic is killing the marine life, and this with other factors now has serious implications for the human race. The rivers of the world, mostly developing countries, are belching approximately 8 million pieces of new plastic into the oceans and seas every day.

Shocking. Truly shocking. It’s not enough to feel bad and do nothing. Please get involved and watch this – it will be the best thing you have done so far this year (!) >> 

Oh, and try not to cry – it is graphic in places…….

In other news, one fledgling UK company, PiscesPlc, is currently inviting investors to join the efforts toward clearing up the mess, slowing down the rate of entry of the plastic at the rivers to the ocean, educating often 3rd world populations about recycling (with incentives to do so), recycling itself and associated processing.

If you would like to hear more on this as it takes shape, please go here >>


SKS Team London


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